Mindset Audio Package

“You mind is one of the key reasons why you can have success or failure!
What goes on inside your mind can lead to great successes or great failures!
This you have to understand!”

I want to provide you with a set of audios that I have put together that is going to change how you think and is going to focus you so that you can have success.



Hi, I’m Richard Butler, International Life, Business and Success Coach, and I want you to succeed! That’s my goal in life, to help you succeed.

One thing I have found no matter who my clients are is that they must get into the right frame of mind or else they cannot achieve success – and you can being this process right now and right on this page!

I have put together My mindset audio package which includes:


Thinking Rich – an interview where two top marketers, Simon and Jeremy, grill me on exactly what success is and why you need to get your mindset in order.

This audio will change how you think about success. Here are just some of the topic I cover:

BULLET How To Identify Your Personal ‘Mindset’ & Take Control Of Your Life
BULLET The Powerful ‘Key’ To Changing Your Life, Circumstances & Finances
BULLET Discover How To Overcome The Obstacles Keeping You From Success
BULLET How To Eliminate One Of The Most ‘Destructive’ Words From Your Own Vocabulary 
BULLET How To Eliminate The Negative Forces Around You And Achieve Success


7 Success Basics Everyone Needs To Know – this audio looks at 7 basic elements that you must know and understand in order to be successful. Once you learn and internalise these these 7 elements you will see that success comes easier to you.

BULLET The Importance Of Truth
BULLET Why You Need To Seek Advice And How To Seek The Best Advice
BULLET One Thing You Need To Have That You Can’t Buy But People Can See You Have It!
BULLET Why You Must Be Ethical
BULLET The Importance Of Discipline



Goal Setting – without goals you will not succeed! This is a basic thing that everyone needs to understand.  Too many people know they need to have goals but very few people actually have them. Even those who do have them sometimes don’t follow thru.

BULLET Why Goal Setting Is So Important
BULLET 4 Strategies That Can Help You With Your Goal Setting
BULLET Why Time Is Important When You Try To Achieve Your Goals
BULLET Discover Why You Need To Prioritise
BULLET And more…


This audio will help you refocus and get you back on your goals!
MindSet Audio Package

This audio packaged will cost you less than the price of a coffee – can you afford not too invest?

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To your success